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Jun. 10th, 2012

Me... yep its me..
Boy have I got some news... but not till tomorrow... you are not gonna believe this.... Holy Bananas..... Z

Waking Up

Me... yep its me..
Slowly, every so slowly I am becoming awake once again... I have been terribly sick for the last couple of years and am now doing all I can to regain some health.  It isn't easy, and if anyone has any great wellness affirmations, or meditations, or hypnosis, well I am open to it.

I quit smoking about three years ago... and one month after I quit smoking my thyroid went into failure, then a couple weeks later my liver stated showing problems, then a couple weeks after that my kidneys started doing it as well.  I am in stable condition, and if I told you all that is wrong with me, well I would be writing for weeks on end...  But I know I can heal this cause I have been sick before.  Prayers help if anyone has any to spare....

I deal with a lot of pain, and tiredness... that's why no one see's me around anywhere long... but today I posted some pictures in a gallery on my page.  I also will be posting some wallpaper/backgrounds that you are all welcome to use if you would like...

Blessings to you all, may the Universal Boss give you what you need and give you what you want, providing you are meant to have it...
Just me feeling so much better today...
Hugs to you all.... Zaimless...        

Happier Newer Year Coming 2012

Me... yep its me..
Better New Year I hope, been sicker than all get out this year... I want to be healthy and my body is failing... anyone got any sure fire it will heal anything remedies? I have a lot of faith that helps, but I have so much pain....

Bless you all this year big time and I will attempt to be around more often...


Writer's Block: Sharing something cool.

Me... yep its me..

Who's the first person you think of when you want to share something cool?

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Me... yep its me..
 Back..  I am just glad to be back and I am looking for friends!!!

Writer's Block: Redo

Me... yep its me..

If there was something you could change about your past, what would it be?

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Busy and Sick..

Me... yep its me..
 I don't even want to go into it.... crazy busy.. crazy tired... hope I am around more...Just Lil Ole Me

Gone but not Lost...

Me... yep its me..
 Well ya know what happens when you get all caught up in life, and one thing after another goes on.  Well thats been my life.  To much to talk about tonight but hopefully soon...
Hugz at ya'll anyways and I really have missed you...

Sometimes Lost, Sometimes Gone

me, happy, Amy
This is just a short post.. wanting everyone that does come by my blog to know that I am sick.  It's a long story but I want you to know I still have hopes that I will kick into gear again.... It's the fact that my kidneys are failing and I am trying to make myself better, so if anyone out there has any good ideas please let me know...
Bless each and every one of you....

Loving Every Moment of It...

Me... yep its me..
Just dropping by to say I am still alive and kicking.  August 25th I turned 49.  Sept 14th my youngest turned 24, seems like a long time ago now.  I I guess it was really.  But I am still trying to get my act together as I have not felt well for some time now.

But I am working on it, and every once in awhile I get my head out of the mud long enough to see who is still out there.

Also I have a tendency to be a work a holic when I comes to my art.  So I get caught up in all this stuff at home and on the computer.  A million different posts to put up, cg work, movie editing, you know the routine.  But I am doing what I can.  It just seems like I don't have enough hours in a day, or years in my life to do everything that I want to.  It will take at least another 100 or so year, at least.

I can only be grateful that I am not in a relationship right now, cause I just don't have time time for that as well as everything else.  It also helps me keep my sanity in order.  I do not need anyone else trying to control my life.  I have so much fun as it is.  I want to enjoy everyone, not just focus on one person.  The main men in my life are my sons, and that works for me.